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Price - Info:

Small Children → >1m < 1.20m
Children & Adult → > 1.20m
Senior → > 65 years
Like always check the official site for the latest prices and maybe offers

Price - Small Children: 9,50 €
Price - Children: 25,00 €
Price - Adults: 25,00 €
Price - Seniors: 21,00 €
Price (year): 2023
Parc Opening Year: 1987
Boulevard de l'Europe 100, Wavre, Belgium 1300

Aqualibi is a fantastic water theme park near Wavre, in Wallonia. Water at 29°C, thrilling attractions inspired by tropical places, fun slides, a wave pool and a bubbly time in a jacuzzi. It's the perfect day out with friends and family!
Located a few kilometres from Brussels, not far from the Walibi amusement park, Aqualibi is the most famous aquatic attraction in Belgium.
Aqualibi can easily be reached by train or car.


Aqualibi est un parc aquatique belge situé à Wavre dans la province du Brabant wallon adjacent au parc d'attractions Walibi Belgium et intégré à ce dernier. Walibi Belgium a toujours été considéré comme deux parcs en un. Ouvert en 1987, il s'agit d'un bâtiment réunissant bon nombre de piscines et de toboggans aquatiques destinés à amuser le visiteur.

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