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Price - Children: 48,00 €
Price - Adults: 52,00 €
Price - Seniors: 40,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1883
Parc Plan: Park Plan 2023
Gröna Lund or colloquially Grönan is an amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. Located on the seaward side of Djurgården Island, it is relatively small compared to other amusement parks, mainly because of its central location, which limits expansion. The 3.8 ha (9.4 acres) amusement park has over 30 attractions and is a popular venue for concerts in the summer. It was founded in 1883 by James Schultheiss.   Gröna Lund (schwedisch für grüner Hain) oder Grönan (schwedisch für das Grüne) ist ein Vergnügungspark in Stockholm auf der Halbinsel Djurgården, den im Jahr 2014 rund 1,5 Millionen Besucher aufsuchten. Gröna Lund besitzt nicht [...]
Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, Stockholm, Sweden 115 21
Price - Children: 49,00 €
Price - Adults: 55,00 €
Price - Seniors: 49,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1975
Parc Plan: Parc Plan 2023
Gardaland Resort is an amusement park resort located in northeastern Italy. Opened on 19 July 1975, the resort includes Gardaland Park, Gardaland Sea-Life, Legoland Waterpark, Gardaland Hotel, Adventure Hotel and Magic Hotel. It is adjacent to Lake Garda. The entire complex covers an area of 445,000 m², while the amusement park alone measures 200,000 m². Sporting both traditional attractions and entertainment shows, it attracts nearly 3 million visitors every year. In June 2005, Gardaland was ranked fifth in Forbes Magazine's list of the top ten amusement parks in the world, with the best turnover. According to 2011 data, is the [...]
Via Derna, 4, Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona), Italy 37014
Price - Children: 32,00 €
Price - Adults: 37,00 €
Price - Seniors: 30,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1996
Parc Plan: Parc Plan 2024
The Freizeitpark Plohn (also known as Plohni; formerly Märchen- und Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn) is a seasonal amusement park in Lengenfeld, Saxony, Germany. It has about 350,000 visitors a year and 79 attractions.   Der Freizeitpark Plohn (kurz Plohni; ehemals Märchen- und Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn) liegt in Sachsen in der vogtländischen Stadt Lengenfeld zwischen Reichenbach im Vogtland und Auerbach/Vogtl. Der 1996 eröffnete Freizeitpark war der erste in den neuen Bundesländern. Er zählt jährlich 350.000 Besucher und ist mit über 80 Attraktionen ausgestattet.   Freizeitpark Plohn est un parc de loisirs situé en Saxe dans la municipalité de Lengenfeld, en Allemagne. Le parc est ouvert [...]
Rodewischer Str. 21, Lengenfeld, Germany 08485
Price - Children: 33,50 €
Price - Adults: 43,50 €
Price - Seniors: 35,50 €
Parc Opening Year: 1969
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Freizeit-Land Geiselwind is an amusement park near Geiselwind, Germany. Covering 55 hectares, the park offers over 100 attractions, including 6 roller coasters. The park was founded in 1969 by Ernst Mensinger under the name "Vogel-Pony-Märchenpark" (fairy tale park with birds and ponies). It was opened next to a newly built section of the Federal Motorway A3. In the beginning, the park had a focus on animals. Later, more and more amusement rides were added. For several decades Acapulco divers entertained the visitors. The new owner after the death of Mensinger in 2017 is Matthias Mölter.   Das Freizeit-Land Geiselwind ist ein Freizeitpark in [...]
Wiesentheider Str. 25, Geiselwind, Germany 96160
Price - Children: 23,00 €
Price - Adults: 27,00 €
Price - Seniors: 19,50 €
Parc Opening Year: 1966
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Fraispertuis City is a theme park in Jeanménil, France. It opened in 1966. Its roller coaster Timber Drop, created by S&S Power, was the steepest in the world when it opened on July 2, 2011, but it lost the record with the opening on July 16, 2011, of Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan.   Fraispertuis City ist ein französischer Freizeitpark, der sich auf das Themengebiet Wilder Westen und Piraten spezialisiert hat. Der 1966 eröffnete Park liegt in der Nähe der Gemeinde Jeanménil, 100 km von Strasbourg und 33 km von Epinal entfernt. Die wichtigsten Attraktionen des Parks sind die Drehkarusselle Far West, [...]
50 rue de la Colline des Eaux, Jeanmenil, France 88700
Price - Children: 26,50 €
Price - Adults: 34,50 €
Price - Seniors: 26,50 €
Parc Opening Year: 1972
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Experience Wild West adventures in Sauerland: Europe's longest summer toboggan run, hang-glider zip-wire, Ladybird Rollercoaster and loads more attractions at Fort Fun Abenteuerland. Every summer, kids, teens and adults join the stampede to Sauerland for the chance to become cowboys and cowgirls as Fort Fun Abenteuerland opens up its gates for adventures galore. With 40 attractions over 75 hectares in Bestwig, Hochsauerland, there is more than enough adventure for both young and old. The theme of the park transports visitors back in time to the Wild West. The Devil’s Mine Rollercoaster provides a hair-raising ride through a gold mine, for [...]
Aurorastraße 50, Bestwig, Germany 59909
Price - Children: 57,00 €
Price - Adults: 65,00 €
Price - Seniors: 57,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1995
Parc Plan: Overview Plan
PortAventura World is an entertainment resort in Salou and Vila-seca, Tarragona, on the Costa Daurada in Catalonia, Spain. It was built around the PortAventura Park theme park, which attracts around 3.5 million visitors per year, making it the most visited theme park in Spain and the sixth most visited theme park in Europe.[4] The resort includes a second theme park, Ferrari Land, since 2017 and also includes PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park, six hotels, a convention centre and an RV park. It is the biggest resort in the south of Europe which attracts around five million visitors per year. Reus [...]
Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas, Vila-Seca, Spain 43480
Price - Children: 26,00 €
Price - Adults: 30,00 €
Price - Seniors: 26,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 2017
Parc Plan: Plan
Ferrari Land is a Spanish theme park located southwest of Barcelona in the municipality of Salou, in the province of Tarragona, on the Costa Daurada. It opens its doors on April 7, 2017. It is part of the PortAventura World leisure complex. Ferrari Land est un parc à thèmes espagnol situé au sud-ouest de Barcelone sur la commune de Salou, dans la province de Tarragone, sur la Costa Daurada. Il ouvre ses portes le 7 avril 2017. Il fait partie du complexe de loisirs PortAventura World.
Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas, Vila-Seca, Spain 43480
Price - Children: 47,00 €
Price - Adults: 47,00 €
Price - Seniors: 40,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1975
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Fårup Summer Park (Danish: Fårup Sommerland) is a theme park located in Fårup between Blokhus and Løkken in North Jutland, Denmark. The park, as the name suggests, is open during the summer months and attracts about 600,000 people each season. It is one of Denmark's biggest amusement parks and has the largest water park of any amusement park in the country. The park currently has seven roller coasters and many other rides as well. Opened on 21 June 1975 by the Kragelund family, which had been in the wholesale business in Aalborg for 90 years when Anders Kragelund decided to [...]
Pirupvejen 147, Blokhus, Denmark 9492
Price - Children: 23,00 €
Price - Adults: 28,00 €
Price - Seniors: 24,50 €
Parc Opening Year: 1996
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Fantasiana is an amusement park located in Strasswalchen, Salzburg, Austria. It was formerly known as Erlebnispark Strasswalchen from 1996 to 2011. One of  the last major attraction at Fantasiana was inaugurated in 2018 with the “Flyrosaurus” Swing Tower by SBF-Visa (cf. EAP 5/2018). The family theme park, which is located about half an hour’s drive north-east of the city of Salzburg, welcomes far more than 100,000 guests every year. A fairytale world of exciting adventures, action and thrills awaits you. Over 50 attractions inspire all generations and make dreams come true. Some attractions are unique and cannot be found anywhere else [...]
Märchenweg 1, Straßwalchen, Austria 5204
Price - Children: 22,50 €
Price - Adults: 24,50 €
Price - Seniors: 22,50 €
Parc Opening Year: 1976
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Erse Park is a recreational park and entertainment for the whole family. The park has more than 40 attractions, including rafting, park trains, rides for small and large, mini golf course, long slides, dinosaur park, dry pool with colorful balls for the kids. We can find a lot of funny creatures, dragons and characters here. The area consists of landscaped grounds with lots of flowers and trees, in whose shade you can arrange a joint family picnic.   Der Erse-Park ist ein Freizeitpark in Uetze, im Dreieck Hannover–Braunschweig–Celle. Er liegt unmittelbar an der B 188. Der Park ist als Natur- und Gartenpark angelegt, [...]
Abbeile 2, Uetze, Germany 31311
Price - Small Children: 0,22 €
Price - Children: 28,90 €
Price - Adults: 40,10 €
Price - Seniors: 28,90 €
Parc Opening Year: 2014
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Energylandia is an amusement park located in Zator, Lesser Poland, in southern Poland. It is approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) away from Kraków and 335 kilometres (208 mi) away from Warsaw, Poland's capital city. Energylandia is the largest amusement park in the country, at 70 hectares (170 acres). EnergyLandia ist ein Freizeitpark im Süden von Polen, in der Kleinstadt Zator, etwa eine Stunde Fahrzeit westlich von Krakau. Er wurde im Sommer 2014 eröffnet. Energylandia est un parc d'attractions situé à Zator, en Pologne. Le parc est le plus grand du pays. Le parc est divisé en cinq zones thématiques ; Little Kids [...]
al. 3 maja 2, woj. Małopolskie, Poland 32-640 Zator
Price - Children: 66,00 €
Price - Adults: 75,00 €
Price - Seniors: 66,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1975
Parc Plan: Plan 2019
Europa-Park is a theme park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Covering a total area of 95 hectares, eighteen themed areas offer around one hundred rides, several shows, and thirteen roller coasters, the park includes six hotels, a camping site, a tepee village, a cinema and a conference center. According to the AECOM Theme Index 2020, Europa-Park is ranked 19th out of the 25 most visited theme parks in the world and is the third most visited theme park in Europe after Disneyland Paris and Efteling, as well as the most visited seasonal theme park in the world. The park received 5.4 million [...]
Europa-Park-Straße 2, Rust, Germany 77977
Price - Children: 51,00 €
Price - Adults: 61,00 €
Price - Seniors: 51,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1967
Parc Plan: Plan 2017
Phantasialand is a theme park in Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany that attracts approximately 2 million visitors annually. It was opened in 1967 by Gottlieb Löffelhardt and Richard Schmidt. Although starting as a family-oriented park, it has added thrill rides, especially in recent years. Following the example of Europa-Park, it has also decided to attract business customers, calling spring the slogan "Business to Pleasure". Phantasialand is known for its high theming detail. It introduces new attractions more often compared to other German theme parks, to compensate for its small area; and is regularly voted one of the world's best theme parks. Among [...]
Berggeiststraße 31-41, Brühl, Germany 50321
Price - Children: 34,50 €
Price - Adults: 37,50 €
Price - Seniors: 34,50 €
Price - Family: 134,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1964
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
The Eifelpark is a wildlife and leisure park in Gondorf near Bitburg in the Eifel mountains of Germany. In 1964 the Eifelpark was first opened under the name, Hochwildpark Eifel ("Eifel Mountain Wildlife Park"), as the first open-air wildlife enclosure in Germany. With the introduction of brown bears in 1969, Berlin took on the sponsorship of the bear gorge. In 1975 the then Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate, Helmut Kohl, opened the new mountain wildlife park in the Eifelpark. In the following years other attractions were added (such as the Slide Paradise, roller coaster, Eifel Express, Hüpfkissen, all weather rodelbahn, etc.). Since [...]
Weißstrasse 12, Gondorf, Germany 54647
Price - Children: 48,00 €
Price - Adults: 48,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1952
Parc Plan: Plan 2016
Efteling is a fantasy-themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands. The attractions reflect elements from ancient myths and legends, fairy tales, fables, and folklore. The park was opened on May 31, 1952. It evolved from a nature park with a playground and a Fairytale Forest into a full-sized theme park. It now caters to both children and adults with its cultural, romantic, and nostalgic themes, in addition to its wide array of amusement rides including six roller coasters and four dark rides. It is the largest theme park in the Netherlands and one of the oldest theme parks in the world. [...]
Europalaan 1, Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands 5171 KW
Price - Children: 37,50 €
Price - Adults: 37,50 €
Parc Opening Year: 1935
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Duinrell is an amusement park situated in Wassenaar, Netherlands. It contains a caravan park and a camp-site. The Park holds a variety of accommodations including lodges, tents and static caravans. The park provides bikes and karts available for rent. Duinrell has been critically acclaimed for its attraction park with swimming pool, which has the longest waterslides in the Netherlands. The park has a mascot named Rick the Frog. The park is located on the estate of the counts Van Zuylen van Nijevelt. As early as 1646, there was a farm in Wassenaar: the Duinrell farm. A large estate surrounded it, which [...]
Duinrell 1, Wassenaar, The Netherlands 2242 JP
Price - Children: 28,00 €
Price - Adults: 28,00 €
Price - Seniors: 21,50 €
Parc Opening Year: 1938
Parc Plan: Plan 2018
Amusement park Drievliet is an ideal day out for families with young children. With no less than 35 large attractions, a playground and shows, it is an amusement park for the whole family. Drievliet started over 80 years ago as a playground and has now grown into a modern amusement park for young and old. The attractions are relatively close together, so that you do not have to walk too much from one attraction to the next.   Drievliet Family Park ist ein niederländischer Freizeitpark in Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, der 1938 eröffnet wurde. Beinahe zentrumsnah findet man den Freizeitpark Drievliet in Den [...]
Laan van 's-Gravenmade 81, Den Haag, The Netherlands 2495
Price - Children: 45,00 €
Price - Adults: 45,00 €
Price - Seniors: 40,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1981
Parc Plan: Plan 2015
Djurs Sommerland is an amusement park located in Djursland, Denmark, just north of the village of Nimtofte, 23 kilometers west of Grenaa, and 36 kilometers east of Randers. The park opened in 1981, and it has progressively expanded every year since then. Its guests mostly consist of families, as most of the rides are aimed at kids and teenagers. Because of this, the park has been very adaptive in making rides accessible for most heights and ages. The park is, as suggested in the name, predominantly open in the summer, with the recent addition of special Halloween opening days in [...]
Battrupholtvej 3, Nimtofte, Denmark 8581
Phone: +45 8639 8400
Price - Children: 18,00 €
Price - Adults: 21,00 €
Price - Seniors: 19,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1983
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Dennlys Parc is a theme park in Dennebrœucq, Pas-de-Calais. The park's mascot is Denno the tortoise. In 1983, a family from a carnival background, Monsieur and Mme Gérard Crunelle, found by chance that the Old Watermill was for sale. After years of work, conceptualizing and creating the settings, the Old Watermill became Dennlys Park. Christian Crunelle, son of Gérard and manager since 1997, strives to preserve the family festival atmosphere.   Dennlys Parc est un parc d'attractions situé à Dennebrœucq, dans le Pas-de-Calais. Leur mascotte est une tortue du nom de Denno. À l'origine, le bâtiment de briques rouge abrite une scierie de [...]
11 rue du Moulin de la Tour, Dennebroeucq, France 62560
Price - Children: 41,90 €
Price - Adults: 44,90 €
Price - Seniors: 15,90 €
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Bobbejaanland is a theme park in Lichtaart, Belgium. The park was founded by Bobbejaan Schoepen, a Flemish singer, guitarist, and entertainer who enjoyed international success in the fifties and early sixties. In 1959, he bought a 30 hectare marsh, had it drained and built a 1,000 capacity venue that opened in December 1961 as Bobbejaanland. This developed into an amusement park and remained in his possession until he sold it in 2004.   Bobbejaanland ist ein Freizeitpark in Belgien, der 1961 von dem belgischen Sänger und Entertainer Bobbejaan Schoepen erbaut wurde, der in den 1960er Jahren auch im deutschsprachigen Raum unter [...]
Olensteenweg 45, Lichtaart, Belgium 2460
Price - Children: 9,00 €
Price - Adults: 14,00 €
Price - Seniors: 12,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1956
Parc Plan: Plan
The Parc Merveilleux is an amusement park just east of Bettembourg in the south of Luxembourg. Designed above all for children, the park has a wide range of attractions including exotic birds, animals in their natural habitats, a pony ranch, a miniature railway, children's self-drive cars, adventure playgrounds, scenes from fairy tales, a restaurant and a cafeteria. The park is open every day from Easter to early October.   Der Park wurde am 17. Juli 1956 eröffnet. Er hat eine Fläche von etwa 25 Hektar und ist jährlich von Frühjahr bis Herbst geöffnet. Der Tierpark umfasst rund 200 Arten mit etwa [...]
route de Mondorf, Bettembourg, Luxembourg 3260
Price - Children: 38,00 €
Price - Adults: 42,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1954
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Bellewaerde is a theme park in the West Flemish countryside at Zonnebeke near Ypres, Belgium (it is physically located just inside the Ypres municipality boundary). It was established in 1954, on the grounds of the World War I Battle of Bellewaarde. Named after an old castle in its territory that still stands near the main entrance, Bellewaerde is the oldest operating theme park in Belgium. Originally a zoo and safari, the park expanded in the early eighties to become more of a general theme- and thrillpark, catering towards teens and families. The 54-hectare (130-acre) park is known for its [...]
Meenseweg 497, Ieper, Belgium 8902
Price - Children: 39,90 €
Price - Adults: 44,90 €
Parc Opening Year: 2003
Parc Plan: Plan
BELANTIS – Das AbenteuerReich is a unique, exciting experience for families looking for fun, action, adventure and relaxation. This family theme park takes its guests on a journey through space and time, with a varied mix of high-speed rides, magical shows and pure relaxation. The eight fantastic themed areas of the ‘AbenteuerReich’ are home to over 60 attractions and shows, including a range of rollercoasters, a log flume and dozens of other rides, which guarantee unlimited adventure and endless fun for guests of all ages. This makes BELANTIS the perfect destination for all families and thrill seekers. BELANTIS – Das [...]
Zur Weißen Mark 1, Leipzig, Germany 04249
Price - Children: 29,50 €
Price - Adults: 34,50 €
Price - Seniors: 27,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1985
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Located between the Bavarian spa resorts of Bad Füssing, Bad Griesbach and Bad Birnbach, Bayern Park Leisure Paradise in Reisbach promises hours of fun for all the family whatever the weather with more than 80 attractions to choose from. Auf in den Bayern-Park! - Dem perfekten Ausflugsziel für die ganze Familie. Hier erwarten euch Achterbahnen, Karusselle, Wildwasserbahnen, Wasserspielplatz, Bulldogfahrt, Dampferfahrt, Schweinchenbahn, Greifvogelflugshow und vieles mehr. Auf die Nervenkitzelliebhaber wartet die Extremachterbahn Freischütz und süddeutschlands höchster Freifallturm Voltrum. Zudem laden zahlreiche Spielplätze sowie Tiergehege auf dem wunderschön angelegten Parkgelände zum Verweilen ein.   Pensé depuis 1978 par Josef Hochholzer, le parc fut ouvert [...]
Fellbach 1, Reisbach, Germany 94419
Price - Children: 80,00 €
Price - Adults: 80,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1980
Parc Plan: Theme Park Map 2023
Alton Towers Resort (often referred to as Alton Towers) is a theme park and resort complex in Staffordshire, England, near the village of Alton. The park is operated by Merlin Entertainments Group and incorporates a theme park, water park, spa, mini golf and hotel complex. In 2021, it ranked first for attendance among amusement parks in the UK, with an estimated 1.8 million visitors. Originally a private estate of the Earls of Shrewsbury, Alton Towers' grounds were opened to the public in 1860 to raise funds. In the late 20th century, it was transformed into a theme park and opened [...]
ST10 4DB, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Price - Children: 122,00 €
Price - Adults: 130,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1992
Disneyland Paris is an entertainment resort in Chessy, France, 32 km east of Paris. It encompasses two theme parks, resort hotels, Disney Nature Resorts, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex, and a golf course. Disneyland Park is the original theme park of the complex, opening in 1992. A second theme park, Walt Disney Studios Park, opened in 2002. Disneyland Paris celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022; by then 320 million people had visited, making it the most visited theme park in Europe. It is the second Disney park outside the United States, following the opening of the Tokyo Disney [...]
Boulevard du Parc, Chessy, France 77700