Parcum Info

This page is dedicated to collect some information about this site (over the time)

To begin with, English is not our mother tongue and for that reason if some errors show up they will be fixed ASAP.

However this applies only to texts we have written ourselves. Descriptions of the parcs etc. coming from the official websites or tourist information sites, Wikipedia or others retain in the original wording.

Additionally we try to provide descriptions in English, German and French as long as they are available.

Certainly comments may be in the language you like.

We have received several messages that Parcum is not a good name for our site as it might be quite sexually suggestive. We don’t even know where such interpretations from some individuals come from.

PARCUM is the latin word for PARC! No more, no less!

Our own photos will be added from parcs we have been visiting. Currently only a few, but this will change in the future.

Otherwise we only share one photograph of the official website of the parc or another one which is freely available.

People submitting a parc or an other interesting site may of course upload their own photos and they will be published after a review.