Price - Children: 39,90 €
Price - Adults: 44,90 €
Parc Opening Year: 2003
Parc Plan: Plan
BELANTIS – Das AbenteuerReich is a unique, exciting experience for families looking for fun, action, adventure and relaxation. This family theme park takes its guests on a journey through space and time, with a varied mix of high-speed rides, magical shows and pure relaxation. The eight fantastic themed areas of the ‘AbenteuerReich’ are home to over 60 attractions and shows, including a range of rollercoasters, a log flume and dozens of other rides, which guarantee unlimited adventure and endless fun for guests of all ages. This makes BELANTIS the perfect destination for all families and thrill seekers. BELANTIS – Das [...]
Zur Weißen Mark 1, Leipzig, Germany 04249