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ATTENTION: Many parks dont’t have prices for seniors and small children are free. Unfortunately every park has his own rules for small children so please check the price info text for more details.

Price - Children: 18,00 €
Price - Adults: 21,00 €
Price - Seniors: 19,00 €
Parc Opening Year: 1983
Parc Plan: Plan 2023
Dennlys Parc is a theme park in Dennebrœucq, Pas-de-Calais. The park's mascot is Denno the tortoise. In 1983, a family from a carnival background, Monsieur and Mme Gérard Crunelle, found by chance that the Old Watermill was for sale. After years of work, conceptualizing and creating the settings, the Old Watermill became Dennlys Park. Christian Crunelle, son of Gérard and manager since 1997, strives to preserve the family festival atmosphere.   Dennlys Parc est un parc d'attractions situé à Dennebrœucq, dans le Pas-de-Calais. Leur mascotte est une tortue du nom de Denno. À l'origine, le bâtiment de briques rouge abrite une scierie de [...]
11 rue du Moulin de la Tour, Dennebroeucq, France 62560